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Hard Drive Upgrades

Everyone needs more space. These days it's becoming commonplace for home PC users to edit their own digital videos, download libraries of music and photos and install all the programs to make computing more productive.

Did you know that 1 hour of digital video can consume 13.5GB of space on your hard drive? Now think about how many hours of family vacation video you have to put together?

It adds up quick.

Tiny Planet Computer can take your existing hard drive and upgrade it to a 500GB, 640GB or even a 1TB (terabyte) or bigger drive!* When Tiny Planet installs your new drive we image your old drive to the new one, which means you get your computer back with all your programs and precious files just as they were when you dropped it off.

*Some systems have a maximum hard drive size limit. Please call or stop in for details.

hard drive upgrades