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Memory Upgrades

Your computer's speed relies on a number of different factors - Processing power, hard drive space and most importantly, RAM.

Consider this analogy: Your hard drive is like your filing cabinet. It's where you store all your documents and spreadsheets, your photos, all that important stuff.

Your RAM (Memory) is line the surface of your desk. It's not as big as your filing cabinet, and you only put on it what you are using at the moment. If you have a huge filing cabinet and try to empty it on your desk, you're going to run out of space pretty quickly. It's also going to make you less productive with all that paper in your way, right?

A memory upgrade is a quick, inexpensive way to increase your computers performance. Most of today's computers that ship with Windows Vista and Windows 7 quite often don't come equipped with enough memory. Your machine should have at least 2GB of RAM to run applications and open files without impacting system performance.

Bring in your computer today and let us give you a bigger desk.

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