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Tiny Planet Computer
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On-Site Response

Emergency pc repairSometimes you just can't get your computer out of the house. Maybe it lacks energy and can't bring itself to get up and running, or even worse, it might have a broken part keeping it from performing at all.

Our On-site Response team can rescue your sick, injured or tired computer, and it (and you) never even have to leave the house! We will arrive on the scene in our Tiny Planet rescue squad, armed with the latest diagnostic equipment (Ok, so maybe we just show up with some tools and our experience, but it sure sounded cool).

Don't have cash? No problem! We accept business checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Stop by our Payment Policies Page for pricing information for all of our services.

So, with fast response and top-notch service, why not call our office at 978-281-3456 or e-mail us and let us breathe new life into your computer today?