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DON'T GET SCAMMED! Use These Common Phone Support Numbers


We understand that our customers sometimes need to contact their hardware support number to get help.  Many scammers will seed search engines like Google with fake numbers, waiting for you to call so they can scare you into handing over your credit card and even letting them into your computer!

Don't let scammers scare you into paying for services you don't need. Your first stop when getting ready to call support is to get the number from this page. We have verified all the numbers listed below as actual support numbers for each common vendor. Please feel free to call us at 978-281-3456 if you have any questions or concerns. 

If you are looking for a number and don't see it here, DON'T "Google" it! Call us and let us verify the number and add it to this list. Thanks!

Dell Support (In Warranty): 800-624-9896
Dell Support (Out of Warranty, Fee-Based): 800-822-6031
HP Support: 800-474-6836
Lenovo Support: 855-253-6686
ASUS Support: 888-678-3688
Toshiba Support: 800-618-4444
Acer Support: 866-695-2237
Verizon HSI Support: 800-837-4966
Comcast Support: 800-934-6489