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Tiny Planet Computer
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In-House Triage

emergency pc repairOn-site care isn't for everyone. Some of us prefer to stop by the doctor's office and get a checkup and save some money.

Now, imagine if your doctor would send an ambulance to your home, pick you up and bring you to their office? Well, your computer doesn't have to imagine (not that it has an imagination anyway) because Tiny Planet will come to your home, pick up your ailing computer, and bring it back to our office where we will diagnose, treat and cure* any condition that it may have.

Once your computer is up to snuff, our PC ambulance will bring your computer back to it's rightful place by your side, reconnect all it's wires and bring it to life right before your eyes!

Be sure to check out our expanded pricing page to see how much you can save by having your computer repaired in our Triage unit and then call us today at 978-281-3456 or e-mail us to set up an appointment or to get more information.